Fixed Prerequisites, Module List Fully Works

July 4, 2008 at 09:07 | Posted in Perl, Summer of Code | Leave a comment

After much consternation over not being able to get the prerequisites for a module until installation, I have finally come accross a solution! I have added a method to, `$mod_tree->GetPrereqs($modulename)`, which properly returns the Prerequisites of a module. It does this by using the YAML module to parse the META.yml file which can be found at This method is a lot faster than downloading each module’s archive, then getting the META.yml file from the downloaded file. I have also added a method to update the display of the prerequisites tree in the info notebook.

I have also added the appropriate code so all the toolbar items work! You can now display modules in the following ways:

  • All modules by Module Name
  • All modules by Author Name
  • All modules by Category
  • Installed modules by Module Name
  • Installed modules by Author Name
  • Installed modules by Category
  • Uninstalled modules by Module Name
  • Uninstalled modules by Author Name
  • Uninstalled modules by Category
  • Updated modules by Module Name
  • Updated modules by Author Name
  • Updated modules by Category

Also, there are a few more bugs I need to work on, but I am hoping to have my first successful install using wxCPAN by this weekend!


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