Week[6] Report: Wizards roll 1d12 for saving throw!

July 14, 2008 at 10:04 | Posted in Perl, Summer of Code | 1 Comment

This week has been really confusing for me. A lot of jumping around frantically, trying to get something more usable by the community. I have added a bit and taken away a bit. Here is a lit of random stuff I have done this week:

1. Moved SVN to trunk. I deleted all the files under the development branch, and have moved them all to the trunk, as per recommendation of SVN organization standard.

2. Switched UI development to wxGlade. I have previously rebuilt all of the UI under wxGlade, so the community can better take advantage of my development files. I have also removed some code in Configure.pm to make use of this change.

3. Fixed Preferences Window. Some items in the Preferences window were not working properly. When I changed the code for wxGlade, I noticed a few UI elements were not working properly. This has been fixed. The Preferences window is now fully functional, except for a tab I plan to add specifically for wxCPAN.

4. Enabled gettext support. I went through all the code so far and enabled gettext support using Wx::Locale. Now I can create a simple translation, probably in Spanish, unless someone else would like to translate the strings.

5. Added UI for Wizards. I have created an Update Wizard, which is used to update CPANPLUS, using CPANPLUS::Selfupdate. The UI is built with wxGlade and outputs perl code, because wxGlade doesn’t support Wizards. (It doesn’t work, yet – that’s coming this week.) I have also added a menu item for a First Time Wizard, which will be used if the user hasn’t used CPANPLUS before.

6. Tester Fixes. Some testers have reported that the requirements are too high. I have begun going through my code to try to lessen the requirements for wxCPAN. I have also changed all the wxGlade project files so they output code which can be used with wxWidgets 2.4.

7. Using old wxWidgets 2.4 API. Since I don’t see anything in wxWidgets 2.8 that is very useful, I am now using the API for wxWidgets 2.4. This should relieve some of the requirements, as reported by the testers. However, I see in the Changelog for Wx::Perl that most of the code is used with wxWidgets 2.6-2.8, so I really shouldn’t have to do this, but will, since it is not a big problem.

8. Moved files around The Shell::xrc directory has been moved to Shell::Wx::res. I changed the name because the directory holds images and other resources, not just xrc files. It has been moved down a level to conform with the CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx namespace.

9. I am now a CPAN Author! I got my acceptance from CPAN to be an author. I have registered the CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx namespace, and hope to publish my module as soon as I have finished the UI.

I am almost finished with the UI. All I have left to do is build the Wizards, the Preferences tab for wxCPAN, and a window for CPAN authors’ module administration. Then – on to the Bug Squishin’!



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  1. Hi Sam,

    glad to hear you’re still making good progress. I have approved your namespace registration via PAUSE, so you can upload a first implementation any time you’d like.

    If you just assign a version with an underscore, a release will be flagged as a developer release. It will not be indexed by PAUSE and therefore not be installable via “cpan CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx” or similar. It will be installable by full path however, and the CPAN testers will get a go, too. So please don’t hesitate to upload developer releases which aren’t quite the most round experience. Just go ahead and experiment!

    Best regards,

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