Week[8] Report: More Fixes

July 28, 2008 at 19:53 | Posted in Perl, Summer of Code | Leave a comment

This week has pretty crazy. I finally got the Update Wizard working. It seems to work pretty well, but I need to address a few issues that may be related to my system configuration. I also decided to create a new class for the Wx::ListCtrl which is my Actions list, mainly because I used it in the Update Wizard as well. My philosophy is: “if I use a similar control twice, why not create a new class?” However, as of today, there are still a few bugs in the Actions List.

I have also added more methods to ModuleTree and ModulePanel. I created ModulePanel, to keep with OOP principles. The new class handles the Information pane and the Module List. It should still work fine. I am testing a lot these days, while i am re-writing for OOP. So when I finish with any piece of the project, it is tested at least a dozen times! This should reduce the number of  problems I may ecounter down the road.

I am ordering a new laptop this week (hopefully thursday), and am going to install Fedora 9 on it, as well as Windows Vista or XP (have’t decided which, yet). It should arrive monday or tuesday. So next week I will be testing and coding on a new system! My current system is running Fedora 7, and has been ever since the day FC7 was released. I think I may have jumbled up some things in the system, so it will be nice to start clean, in order to see what problems, with wxCPAN, someone may encounter with a fresh install.

This coming week, I plan on sifting through all my code to take advantage of some of the new routines I created last week. I also plan on cleaning up and commenting a lot of code. I will be squashing a lot of bugs, as well. This week will be tedious, but at least it will be a much needed break from scratch coding. Going through my code will allow me the chance to write testing routines, and will release my module to CPAN on Saturday or Sunday!

The following week, I plan on implementing tools for CPAN authors, since I will have a module on CPAN to test it out.


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