Week[9] Report: First release!

August 4, 2008 at 10:27 | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I uploaded my first release to PAUSE yesterday! I tweaked around with it for a few hours, only to find out this morning that I didn’t need to do any tweaking. Oh, well – so it goes.

This week, I prepared my module for release to CPAN. I used Module::Install for the Makefile.PL. There is a script in the misc/ directory that I apparently didn’t need to use, but it’s there in case anyone else wants to use it. It cleans the directories, makes HTML docs out of perldocs, and creates a .gz file. This can all be accomplished with `make dist`. (There is so much information to wade through for CPAN authors, I seemed to have missed a few important items.)

I have also tried to optimize the search algorithm, but it seems to take a little longer than I want. I am going to work on it some more this coming week.

I have also tried to resolve the scrollbar issue in the modules list. The problem is that it is inside a wxSplitter, and the scrollbars only show up for really long lists. I am going to get rid of the splitter, and make the information pane a static size. This should resolve the issue until I figure out how to get it working in a Splitter.

So – this coming week, I have three items i wish to address: The scrollbars in the Modules List, the search algorithm, and creating a toolkit for CPAN authors.

Unitl next week – Happy coding!


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